Q: Can One & All Swimmer replace with One & All Sporty?

A: Yes, because the product contains ingredients which are all natural at least 98%. It is very gentle Can be used interchangeably. Each Formula has been developed to fit maximum performance in activities, Sporty help remove odor sweat and germs. While Swimmer focus on remove chlorine and chemical from pool.

Q: Can One & All products use with children or baby?

A: Yes, One & All can be used to all ages, our R&D team has been developed formulas from natural ingredients and are gentler than compared to cleaning products for babies in the market.

Q: Any perfume products in One & All or not?

A: No component of perfume (Fragrance) in the products we use essential oil for scent with benefit as Aromatherapy as well.

Q: Are One & All products register by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)?

A: Yes, One & All products are legally registered from the Thai Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Produced under the international standards ISO 9001: 2015 and GMP compliance by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) control.

Q: Can One & All Traveler use for cosmetic cleaning?

A: One & All Traveler can washable cosmetics for mild cases. Waterproof makeup or mascara recommended specific cleaning product use, then the One & All Traveler to more effective clean.

Q: How to Use One & All cleanser for daily activities, but not specific activities. Which formula is recommend?

A: Yes, You can use any formula for daily cleanser because One & All’s formulas are milder than normal body cleanser products. Also they can be used as a shower gel cleanser and shampoo in a tube, we recommend One & All Traveler but if you have more outdoor and sweat activities.          One & All Sporty is the better choice.

Q: What is the One & All SOS product? Is it suitable for children?

A: Yes SOS Can be used by adults and children for 3 years or more. The SOS promotes blood circulation, balancing, soothing and relaxing the muscles with complex blended of 7 essential oils. Cooling Gel is ideal for targeted treatment of tired all over the body, after active lifestyle and sun exposure. (Not suitable for face)

Q: What is the difference between One & All Sun Fun and One & All Sun Smart?

A: Sun Smart is suitable for people who like fast and easy to use or children who do not like lotion. (Suitable for children 2 years and above. should not spray directly on the face, Spray on hand then rubbing to the face. Avoid eye area. Sun Fun is suitable for people who want to be gentler and sensitive skin. Can be used to young child from 6 months old.

Q: How to open One & All package products especially Foil sealed?

A: We intend to develop the tube cap to properly drill the foil. To prevent leakage and reduce contamination as much as possible.

Q: Where can we buy One & ALL products?

A: You can find our products at following distributors or contact us